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Improve Your Wellbeing with Slivers of Recovery

Small, consistent changes have a powerful effect over time. If you read my book Cadence, checked out my blog, or listen to any of my podcasts. You’ll soon realise it’s the small stuff that matters. It’s the slivers of recovery you get in a day that can really help to improve your wellbeing.

Sir Dave Brailsford, who guided the Sky Cycling Team, describes one of his principles for success as “the aggregation of marginal gains“. You can also apply this to health and wellbeing. If you can introduce a few small changes to your life, you’ll enjoy significant benefits.

The small stuff matters

Several years ago, I had a conversation with a woman who’d had a successful business career and was now the chair of a start-up. She felt she had no time to collect her thoughts or decompress between meetings and was frustrated as a result. She had tried meditation using various apps but didn’t feel she was getting any benefit from it.

An idea that was to change everything

It struck me that in previous conversations she’d told me about her hobbies, in particular knitting, so I suggested perhaps she found these things meditative. She agreed, and then she came up with an idea that was to change everything. What if she brought one of her craft projects to work and spent the time between meetings working on that? This helped her to feel much more composed going into the next meeting.

What will your slivers of recovery be?

This is a perfect example of what slivers of recovery, mere minutes in a day, can do for mood and energy to improve your wellbeing. They can turn you from a stressed-out, busy professional into feeling happy, healthy and resilient for the rigors of business life.

What slivers of recovery can you work into your day?

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