Cadence Approach Keynote

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The Cadence Approach Wellbeing Keynote

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and demanding. The ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances is a vital skill, and one which we can learn from some of the most resilient people in society – athletes. Even at the most elite level, an athlete will not expect to be operating at peak performance all year round. They will look ahead to the schedule, get ready, perform to the best of their ability and then rest. We call this the Cadence Approach® and through the Cadence Approach keynote Leanne will show your teams how to minimise risk of burnout, manage their energy and have more fun by following the 4-step process:

Agile Business Athlete concept Predict, Prepare, Perform, Recover in circles

The Cadence Approach keynote shows your teams how to beat burnout and have more fun by introducing cadence into their daily lives. Cadence is about managing energy, and this interactive, fun keynote is brought to life by Leanne through the power of storytelling. First, identify the big events coming up in your professional and personal life; then prepare by making small improvements in sleep, mental health and energy; complete the task of event, and then allow your nervous system to recover by prioritising slivers of recovery into the day.

Learn to manage change

Cadence is about managing energy. Leanne’s Cadence Approach keynote will show your teams how to follow this approach so they can beat burnout and perform when they need to:

  • PREDICT when the big events are in your life by asking ‘when are your Wimbledon’s?’
  • PREPARE by small changes that have a big impact by ‘building your bulletproof’
  • PERFORM when you need to and ‘respect your red flags’ for good health and vitality
  • RECOVER via slivers of recovery and deliberate rest because ‘backing off beats burnout’

Outcomes include:

  • Better handle stress
  • Develop resilience
  • Reduce risk of burnout
  • Promote better recovery
  • Retain high energy levels
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The Cadence Approach Wellbeing Keynote

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