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Predict. Prepare. Perform. Recover.

The Cadence Approach Wellbeing Keynotes

Leanne’s wellbeing keynotes inspire your teams to take ownership of their health and wellbeing using our unique Cadence Approach®, influenced by athletes who generally are very good at managing and restoring their energy levels. They do this by looking ahead to their schedule and identifying the big events; preparing themselves by focusing on their mind, body and wellbeing; performing at high level and then taking a break to allow their minds and bodies to recover.

Agile Business Athlete concept Predict, Prepare, Perform, Recover in circles
We believe that business is an endurance sport with occasional sprints. Or perhaps it’s an endurance sport with frequent sprints – or perhaps every day feels as though it requires high levels of performance. Either way, maintaining very high levels of performance all day every day simply isn’t sustainable in the medium to long term. What if your teams were shown another way of managing energy, a new approach, that prioritises slivers of recovery and deliberate rest to ensure they can maintain a sense of wellbeing whilst delivering on targets?

BOND – the new frontier of wellbeing

Leanne’s latest keynote is called BOND: the importance of social relationships in the age of AI. In today’s world of remote work and AI advancements, social relationships are more crucial than ever for our wellbeing. Explore the next frontier of wellbeing with Leanne’s interactive keynote, BOND. Dive into the importance of human connection and discover how it not only enhances health and resilience but also boosts productivity and collaboration within organizations.

Leanne will captivate your team with powerful storytelling, introducing the unique BOND Approach to foster trust, belonging, and improved communication. Ready to transform your organization’s culture? Discover the transformative power of BOND.

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The Cadence Approach Wellbeing Keynote
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The BOND Approach Wellbeing Keynote


Cadence Approach

The secret to beating burnout and performing in life and work.


the importance of social relationships in the age of AI.


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Opening and closing keynotes, sales conferences, senior leadership meetings, annual company meetings. This wellbeing keynote works best as an in-person talk but is also delivered virtually. As a seasoned wellbeing speaker Leanne has equal experience in doing both and is very comfortable with either format.
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