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A new approach for your Sales Kickoff (SKO) events

Managing wellbeing whilst delivering on targets

Your sales kickoff establishes the year’s tone; imagine introducing a fresh strategy motivating your people, sharing another way of managing energy, a new approach, so that they can maintain a sense of wellbeing whilst delivering on targets. Being in the sales business is like an endurance sport with occasional sprints (or frequent sprints in some cases). We believe demanding high-performance consistently from yourself and your teams all day everyday, simply isn’t sustainable medium to long term. The answer to hitting those top tier sales targets, and preventing burnout is all about cadence.

Agile Business Athlete concept Predict, Prepare, Perform, Recover in circles

We call this the Cadence Approach. It’s a simple four-step approach to managing energy that means you can perform when you need to, manage energy, mood and motivation and avoid chronic stress and burnout.

  • The first phase is predict; anticipate the big events coming up in business (and perhaps your personal life too).
  • The second phase is prepare; what small changes could you do as a business and as an individual that have a big impact on your performance, especially over time?
  • The third phase is perform; but, respect the red flags the body sends that indicate you’re going too fast. The body does send these signals but we’ve become good at ignoring them – this is short-sighted!
  • The final phase is recover; by prioritising what we call slivers of recovery, you allow the nervous system to recover and that is the key to consistent performance levels.

Leanne’s motivational Sales Kickoff Keynote inspires your people to adopt the principles of Cadence, empowering them to beat burnout and have more fun in life and work. And, perhaps most importantly, to hit your sales targets.

Expected outcomes from the Leanne’s Sales Kickoff Keynote:

  • Improving resilience and reducing stress within the business
  • Learn techniques for nervous system balance and recovery
  • Apply the principles of the Cadence Approach in life and work
  • Reduce incidences of burnout in your teams
  • Improve team performance via the principles of Cadence
  • Empower your teams to take ownership of their wellbeing
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Power Up Your Sales Kick Off Event

With a background career in sales, Leanne will inspire and motivate your people, showing them another way of managing energy, a new approach, that prioritises slivers of recovery and deliberate rest to ensure they can maintain a sense of wellbeing whilst delivering on targets.

The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

Helping you achieve work life balance and improve your overall wellbeing