Keynote Speaker Pack

All the resources you’ll need to get the most out of working with Leanne before, during and after your event.

Speaker Brochure

About Leanne’s keynote, methodology and outcomes.

Why Book Me

The added value you’ll get when you book Leanne.

Speaker 1-sheet

About award-winning entrepreneur Leanne Spencer.

Cadance Approach Keynote 1-sheet

The secret to beating burnout and performing in life and work.

BOND Keynote 1-sheet

The power of rest and recovery in the working world.

Leadership Masterclass 1-sheet

Increase stress resilience in your leaders and their teams

Implement Program

Integrating the Cadence Approach

Legacy Program

The Keynote, the Masterclass and a Leadership session
The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

Helping you achieve work life balance and improve your overall wellbeing