Grid of images from the last 10 years celebrating 10 years in business

Celebrating 10 Years In Business

As we celebrate a significant milestone –10 years in business – it’s a perfect moment to look back on how our team and business have evolved since our humble beginnings in 2012. In the beginning Initially, we embarked on our journey as a small group of personal trainers, armed with a holistic framework we call

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social relationships and emotional resilience - people helping each other climb a rock

Social relationships and emotional resilience

It’s the final instalment in our series on emotional resilience, and this one is about social relationships. In case you missed any of them, part one was about sleep. Part two, I discussed doing something that is meditative. And last time we looked at the relationship between food and mood. All are essential for wellbeing,

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Food and mood: two orange slices and a banana make a smiley face on a plate :)

Using food to bolster good mood and emotional resilience

This month is all about emotional resilience. For part one, we talked about sleep, and having a bedtime routine. Week two in the series was about meditation and meditative practice. This time it’s about something very close to my heart, having several qualifications in nutrition. And that is food. Or, more specifically, food and mood

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meditation for emotional resilience: hands knitting

Meditation for emotional resilience

Welcome to part two in our series about emotional resilience. Last time, we looked at the relationship between emotional resilience and sleep. If you missed it, I shared my top tip for getting better quality rest. This week I want to talk about meditation for emotional resilience, or more specifically, doing something that is meditative.

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emotional resilience and sleep - alarm clock amongst bedsheets

The relationship between emotional resilience and sleep

This month, we’re running a series of SNAPs about emotional resilience. For those of you who don’t already know, SNAP stands for ‘Short, Novel And Practical’, providing you with quick, interesting and easy-to-implement information and tips to help optimise your wellbeing. A few weeks ago, I was invited to do a talk on emotional techniques

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ESG and events - green cup: compostable plastic cup made with plants not oil

Where does ESG sit within the events world? 

My expertise is in personal sustainability. It’s about managing energy and maintaining good wellbeing within a high-performance environment or culture. This is very important, not least because if we don’t have measures in place to look after our own wellbeing, it’s hard to focus on broader issues such as ESG issues and a business’s impact

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The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

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