Sales Kickoff: Leanne Spencer delivering a keynote at a corporate event.

Cadence: A New Approach To Your Sales Kickoff

How does a salesperson maintain consistently high levels of performance (defined not just by revenue but also in terms of energy, mood and motivation)? The answer could lie in your next sales kickoff event… My entire career has been in sales. I started out selling PC to Unix integration software in 1998. Then, I moved

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Stress resilience and connection: Leanne taking part in the Arctic Circle Race

The Relationship Between Stress Resilience and Connection

Back in 2019, my partner Antonia and I took on the Arctic Circle Race, known as the world’s toughest cross-country ski race, held annually in Sisimiut, Greenland. Earlier this year in March, we went on another Arctic adventure – this time with a company called Rat Race. And, as they so often do, this experience

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Leanne Spencer posing with audience as wild animals for her spirit animal exercise.

Sharing Your Spirit Animal

Social connections: a big topic that I’ve been talking a lot about recently. In fact, I believe they are the next frontier of wellbeing, which is the topic of my latest keynote, BOND. But did you know that, according to studies, if you reveal something small and relatively insignificant about yourself to another person, it

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performance culture & slivers of recovery: man looks out of window leaning back in chair with hands behind his head

Enhance Your High Performance Culture with Slivers of Recovery

Even professional athletes have rest days. That’s because they understand the importance of recovery for performance. By allowing their bodies time to repair, they become stronger, less prone to injury, and more resilient as a result. And this idea isn’t exclusive to sport – or even physical activity. In this week’s SNAP, I want to

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helping others for wellbeing: a climber helps another climber up onto a higher bit of rock

Think Femur: The Importance Of Helping Others For Our Own Wellbeing

I’ve spent the past few months researching the importance of human connection for my new keynote, BOND. And I realised pretty early on that social relationships, particularly in the age of AI, are more important than ever. In fact, I believe they are the next frontier of wellbeing. So, in this week’s SNAP, I wanted

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how to recover from stress: a muddy dog shaking it off

Shake It Off: How To Recover From Stress

A lot of the inspiration for my keynotes comes from observations I’ve made in everyday situations. Special events too, of course, like the Arctic Circle Race, which you can read more about here. But wellbeing isn’t achieved overnight; consistency is key. And that’s what makes the things we learn from ordinary experiences so extraordinary if

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The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

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