alcohol awareness week woman with two wine glasses in front of her face looking sombre

Alcohol Awareness Week

Last week was Alcohol Awareness Week and I shared the video above on LinkedIn and received lots of great thoughts, feedback and comments from my network. So I’ve decided to share here too, in the hopes it might spark something for someone reading or watching. I’m coming up on twelve years, two months, and three

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travel hacks take the scenic route. Tortoise walking along a path

Travel Hacks Part 2 – Taking the Scenic Route

This is the second of June’s SNAP series which is all about travel hacks, and this time I’m talking about why it’s good to sometimes slow down and consider taking the scenic route. This follows on from last week’s tip about how I get nutrition on the go. Take the slow train So, you may

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Travel Hacks nutrition on the go Leanne Spencer on a train

Travel Hacks Part 1 – Nutrition on the Go

I’m starting June’s SNAP series which is all about travel hacks, with my tip for nutrition on the go. This is the first of four SNAPS I’ll be sharing this month on this topic of travel hacks. As a reminder, a SNAP is ‘short novel and practical’ tips and advice on a particular topic.) Getting

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