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Leanne Spencer
About the new book

About Cadence

Burnout among busy professionals is reaching epidemic proportions and results in unhappiness, impaired mental health and shortened careers. This book can help. Inside the pages of this short, easy read, you will discover how to apply the simple and effective Cadence Approach™ to your life. It’s the secret to beating burnout and performing in life and work.

Learn to:

  • Predict what’s going to happen in your personal and professional life and identify when you need to be at your best
  • Prepare for big events by making small but significant changes to your sleep habits, improve your mental health and build up energy
  • Identify your ‘red flags’ – the signs that tell you you’re pushing too hard – so you know when to put the brakes on to avoid burnout
  • Manage your nervous system through simple but powerful techniques that take just minutes of your day

In Cadence, Leanne will break down each stage using stories and examples including tips to help you adopt each principle. It’s likely that you’re not an actual athlete but a busy professional who doesn’t have the time or indeed the professional team that an athlete has around them, and so the suggestions are based on the concept of the Minimal Effective Dose (MED). The MED is the smallest change you can make – whether it’s to your nutrition, sleep or relaxation practices – that advances your health and wellbeing in a positive direction. Small changes over time can have a surprisingly big effect on how we feel. The goal in writing this book is to motivate you to make a few small changes that feel sustainable, and crucially that you can maintain even in busy times.

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