The Cadence Leadership Masterclass

Increase stress resilience in your leaders and their teams

Develop Resilience for the Rigours of Business Life

Business is an endurance sport with occasional sprints (or frequent sprints in some cases). We believe in training your leaders and their teams to be fit for the rigours of business life, by introducing cadence to the way they manage their energy, through the Cadence Approach Leadership Masterclass.

Cadence is about managing energy and it’s a simple idea that works. First, identify the big events coming up in your professional and personal life; then prepare by making small improvements in sleep, mental health and energy; complete the task or event, and then allow your nervous system to recover by prioritising slivers of recovery into the day.

The Leadership Masterclass gives your leaders the tools to manage stress and avoid burnout, whilst promoting a culture of high energy and high performance. We use science-based solutions and wearable technology that measures individual stress responses across three days, providing personalised, actionable data to assist in building healthy habits – without the guesswork.

Agile Business Athlete concept Predict, Prepare, Perform, Recover in circles

Equally important is the ability to lead well by passing on the principles of Cadence and implementing it into your leaders’ teams. The Leadership Masterclass has three sections: firstly, storytelling to introduce the idea of Cadence. Secondly, using the personalised data to help the leaders understand their own physiological response to stress, and thirdly, presenting ideas on how to increase the stress resilience within their teams.

Expected outcomes from the Leadership Masterclass:

  • Personalised, actionable data based on individual stress responses
  • Learn techniques for nervous system balance and recovery
  • Apply the principles of the Cadence Approach in life and work
  • Reduce incidences of burnout in your teams
  • Improve team performance via the principles of Cadence
  • Empower your teams to improve stress resilience via Cadence
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The Cadence Approach Leadership Masterclass

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The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

Helping you achieve work life balance and improve your overall wellbeing