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As a passionate keynote speaker on everything wellbeing, Leanne shares her expertise and ideas across the globe. She often is asked to write for media publications and industry news, you can read some of her latest content that has been featured in the press below.
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Quiet vacationing is on the rise — but why should we fear taking time off?
What is quiet vacationing really about? 

And why do we fear taking time off when we’re legally entitled to it? 

CEOWORLD magazine

What Business Leaders Can Learn from Top Sporting Event Athletes
I’ve yet to speak to a business leader who didn’t think their business was a high-performance environment, but what is often underappreciated is the understanding that high-performance isn’t continually performing at the highest level all the time.

WeAreTheCity - Supporting Women in Business

Prepare your team for crunch periods
When are the crunch periods for your team? Often these periods are much more predictable than we think; for example, quarterly sales results, a product launch or seasonality such as Black Friday if you’re a retail business. Could you work with your team to identify these busy periods, and then help them prepare?

WeAreTheCity - Supporting Women in Business

Recommended Read: Cadence: The secret to beating burnout and performing in life and work
Inside the pages of this short, easy read, you will discover how to apply the simple and effective Cadence Approach™ to your life. It’s the secret to beating burnout and performing in life and work.

Arabian Business magazine

Preventing burnout in the work team
Your team culture is strongly influenced by you as a leader. What steps can you take to position well-being as part of a high-performance culture?

(Original in Arabic language, please use a browser with auto translation)

The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

Helping you achieve work life balance and improve your overall wellbeing