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Leanne has had a career in sales spanning 17 years, and in that time has worked for several large corporate and financial services companies based in the City of London. She has managed some of her company’s largest customers, and closed deals worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. All of this required time spent in the office, at a computer, and in the local wine bars networking and entertaining.

After realising that her own stress levels were incredibly high, Leanne faced up to the inescapable truth that her own life was out of control after several years of worsening stress, poor diet and heavy alcohol consumption.

That was over three years ago. Since then Leanne has radically changed her life by applying the steps that she now calls the RISE Method®. It is that powerful and proven methodology that she now uses to help her clients.

‘I believe that when an exceptional coach works with a client who has a strong desire to change, incredible things can happen.’
Leanne Spencer
Fitness Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author



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