BOND: Social relationships in the age of AI

This is more than a talk. It’s an experience.

Social relationships; the next frontier of wellbeing

My team and I have spent last the last decade promoting core elements of wellbeing such as sleep, breathwork and movement, and these ideas have helped thousands of people increase their energy, mood and motivation. However, things have changed profoundly since 2020. Hybrid and remote working are a permanent reality for many people, and AI is an increasingly large part of our lives, threatening to reduce the meaningful interactions we have with other people. That’s why we think the next frontier of wellbeing will be social relationships; humans need to bond and connect to be happy, healthy and resilient.

Social relationships serve a critical purpose in our lives; they increase our healthspan, drive meaning and purpose, improve communication and enhance stress resilience (this is particularly important for multigenerational teams). Social relationships and human connection increases belonging and trust amongst groups of people, which drives productivity and improves collaboration.

In this fun and interactive keynote, Leanne uses the power of storytelling to improve trust, belonging and connection across organisations using her unique BOND Approach.


Create trust and belonging in your organisation

Outcomes include:

  • Improve stress resilience of your teams

  • Promote a culture of increased trust and belonging

  • Improve communication and collaboration

  • Drive productivity through improved health outcomes

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Social Relationships; the Next Frontier of Wellbeing

BOND, Leanne’s brand new keynote

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