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BOND: How to create a culture of belonging and connection in your teams (in the age of AI)

Wellbeing is a competitive advantage: Create a culture of belonging and connection

Join us for our latest webinar on how to create a culture of belonging and connection with award-winning speaker and bestselling author Leanne Spencer. Social connections and a sense of belonging play a pivotal role in promoting human health and overall wellbeing, and therefore boost creativity, innovative thinking and performance. By fostering social connections and a sense of belonging, we not only enhance our mental and emotional wellbeing but also strengthen our physical health, ultimately contributing to a longer and more fulfilling life.

Leanne will introduce you to the BOND Approach helping you to:

  • Improve the stress resilience of your teams
  • Promote a culture of increased trust and belonging
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Drive productivity through improved health outcomes

Our new 30-minute format webinar includes Q&A, and a professionally sketched infographic of the key points as a takeaway for all those who attend live. Grab a coffee and join us for some great content, new ideas in a brand-new format!

Who is it for

HR Directors, HR Managers, Heads of People, Wellbeing Managers, Event Managers, Event Directors


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