Grid of images from the last 10 years celebrating 10 years in business

Celebrating 10 Years In Business

As we celebrate a significant milestone –10 years in business – it’s a perfect moment to look back on how our team and business have evolved since our humble beginnings in 2012. In the beginning Initially, we embarked on our journey as a small group of personal trainers, armed with a holistic framework we call […]

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meditation for emotional resilience: hands knitting

Meditation for emotional resilience

Welcome to part two in our series about emotional resilience. Last time, we looked at the relationship between emotional resilience and sleep. If you missed it, I shared my top tip for getting better quality rest. This week I want to talk about meditation for emotional resilience, or more specifically, doing something that is meditative.

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backing off beats burnout: dirt path in wooded area

Backing Off Beats Burnout

Welcome to the final instalment in our SNAP series about Cadence, the key to high performance. Cadence is a simple, four-step approach to managing energy that works. Part one was about the first phase, predict. And we asked, “When are your Wimbledons?” When are the big events coming up for you, both professionally and personally?

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hand knitting, meditative activity for slivers of recovery

Improve Your Wellbeing with Slivers of Recovery

Small, consistent changes have a powerful effect over time. If you read my book Cadence, checked out my blog, or listen to any of my podcasts. You’ll soon realise it’s the small stuff that matters. It’s the slivers of recovery you get in a day that can really help to improve your wellbeing. Sir Dave

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Agile Business Athlete Podcast S1 E5 Jillian Lavender

Why Meditate with Jillian Lavender S1 E5

Jillian Lavender, author of the book Why Meditate, joins us in this episode. She’s been teaching meditation since 2003 and is the co-founder of the London Meditation Centre in London and New York. Topics Discussed In This Episode: Jillian’s history with meditation and how she began practising it. The misconceptions around meditation. Why Jillian says

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The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

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