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Travel Hacks Part 1 – Nutrition on the Go

I’m starting June’s SNAP series which is all about travel hacks, with my tip for nutrition on the go. This is the first of four SNAPS I’ll be sharing this month on this topic of travel hacks. As a reminder, a SNAP is ‘short novel and practical’ tips and advice on a particular topic.)

Getting nutrition whilst travelling

I’ve been on the road a lot – up and down the country on trains and to a degree in the car as well, delivering keynotes and master classes. As a result, I’ve learnt a few little hacks over the years – things I do to make sure I’ve got great energy, I’m in a good mood and I’m feeling motivated when I get to my destination. One of the things I’ve discovered recently is how to ensure I still get adequate nutrition whilst on the go.

A practical solution

I’m a vegetarian and as you probably know if you get the train, it can be difficult for vegetarians. There are options but they are not ideal, and often not particularly healthy. So, I’ve recently started carrying with me ‘on-the-go’ meal drinks by Huel. (I must point out that have absolutely no affiliation with them – I just quite like them.) It’s a fairly complete meal and provides a practical way of ensuring I’m getting more nutrition than I would otherwise. As it means I haven’t got to go and get something unhealthy.

Substitute, not replacement

It’s worth making clear that I’m using this as a substitute, not a replacement. So instead of buying a fairly cheap sandwich, I’m going for Huel because it’s likely to be more balanced and contain more of the vitamins and minerals needed. I’m not using this instead of cooking my lunch or dinner daily, it’s a substitute when I am on the go.

What’s your nutrition travel hack?

Do you have any travel hacks around nutrition you can share? If so, I would love to hear them.

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