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Travel Hacks Part 4 – Movement Snacks

What are movement snacks?

Make it personal

Benefits of regular movement

How can you incorporate movement snacks?

When driving: Use your stops for petrol or at a shop as an opportunity to do a few movement snacks. Or park further from the entrance than you need to so you have an opportunity to walk for a distance, getting the blood flowing and your limbs mobilised.

When sitting: Squeezing your abs or your glutes can be done wherever you are. Flex your stomach muscles, rest for a few seconds then repeat. Then squeeze your glutes and release.

When standing: Try calf raises – raise up and down on the balls of your feet. Or another fairly obvious one would be taking the stairs rather than the lift or escalator.

Do you have a favourite movement snack?

If you have any great movement snack ideas for when you’re travelling or any other travel hacks, please do share them or tag me on social media @leannespencerkeynote on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Here are 12 more movement snack ideas, why not give some of these a try and see what works best for you?

Movement snack ideas leanne spencer

There will be one more travel hack coming soon in this series, so stay tuned.

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