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Agile Business Athlete Introduction S1 E1

In today’s episode, I am setting the stage for what the Agile Business Athlete podcast is going to be all about and where the idea for the show came from.

The intent of this podcast is to help people understand what the methodology of the Agile Business Athlete is, how it can help you, and how you can implement it in your own life. The idea for the show actually came about from my own experience.

My Journey into Wellbeing (the brief version!)

On March 12, 2012, I headed to a sales meeting where it very quickly became clear that the deal wasn’t going to work out. After it fell through, I looked in the mirror and evaluated my situation. I was drinking too much, overweight, burnt out, and miserable. I felt like I had no purpose and I realized it was time to make a change. By March 19, 2012, I had quit my job, with nowhere to go. But, I felt relieved.

I knew I loved entrepreneurship and health, so how could I combine the two and create a business? I started by improving my own health and becoming a personal trainer. Which then developed into a wellbeing consultancy helping businesses create happy, healthy, resilient teams.

Inspiration for the Agile Business Athlete Methodology

I asked myself how the people I saw in the gym every day were able to maintain their performance, and it came down to this method: predict, prepare, perform, and recover.


Think about what is coming up in your life and what it will require.


Then you need to prepare by getting enough good sleep, maintaining and caring for your mental health, and keeping your energy up.


Then it’s time to perform. During this phase, identify your red flags to make your performance and recovery better.


Recovery is the most important phase, and you need to set non-negotiables that will help you get back to peak performance.

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