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Agile Business Athlete Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Agile Business Athlete podcast!

This is a new show brought to you by me, Leanne Spencer. I’m a keynote speaker, an expert in corporate wellbeing. I’ve had over 10 years in the wellbeing world. And in that time I’ve spoken to hundreds of people and experts and amassed about 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition as well.

But this show is not about me. I will bring you some of my stories, but I also really want to put the spotlight on the experts and the people who tell you their stories of how they’ve beaten burnout and share how they did it.

So this is going to be a 10 episode season. Each episode is not more than 60 minutes long and I’ve curated them, so they run a logical order. If you can, listen sequentially, but if not, each episode stands on its own as well. The aim of this podcast is to show you how to beat burnout and have more fun using the power of storytelling, my stories, other people’s stories.

So sit back, enjoy the Agile Business Athlete podcast, subscribe and share if you like it.

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