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Steve Shove: Reconnecting and Recovering in Nature S1 E7

This week we’re joined by Steve Shove. He is an author, survival instructor, performance coach, and owner of Really Wild Business. He’s a big advocate for nature, which is a key theme in all of the work he does. We discuss reconnecting and recovering in nature.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

How Leanne and Steve met.

Why Steve decided to transition out of city life.

What Steve started doing for fun that ended up being so much more.

When Steve started practising his new methodology.

How he encourages the young people he works with.

How a walk in the woods can act as a catalyst for good.

The benefits Steve gets out of being in nature.

What Steve is struck by about the Indigenous people he meets.

How Steve teaches people to find comfort in peace and quiet.

The situation that helped Steve discover just how innovative humans are.

Why the mission of Steve’s business is close to his heart.

What opportunity creation is.

How achieving feats in nature improves resilience.

Key Takeaways:

Steve has seen people enter the burnout stage and never come out of it, and that’s what prompted him to leave the city and change his lifestyle.

When Steve was just a boy, he would leave all day and play in the woods trying to make spears and catch animals. He’s always had an adventurous spirit.

When Steve gets to work with young people, he encourages them to embrace the life they want and make their own decisions rather than chasing money or pursuing what their parents think they should do.

Enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of nature frees your mind and makes space for you to get perspective on whether your lifestyle suits you or not. Really reconnecting with and recovering in nature.

The people that truly live off grid express a peace and happiness not commonly seen in the modern western world. They seem to find this joy in the smallest things at any age. For Steve, this is the perfect example of how nature can be a powerful influence.

Many people are now used to being on the go, and moving from that to silence can be difficult. Sitting somewhere quiet and tapping into your senses of smell, sounds, and touch can help you get more in tune with the environment around you.

Steve’s methodology involves using nature as a way of improving business performance and function as well as aspects of your personal life.

Survival skills, like learning to make notches in wood, can parallel the types of skills you need to develop in your personal and professional life to succeed such as preparedness and attention to detail.

When you’re living in the wild, you spend the entirety of your time looking at what is useful and what is dangerous. Time naturally flows as you gather food, water, and anything else you need.

One of the final pieces of Steve’s methodology is nurture, nourish, and next. Nurture is to protect and keep it going. Nourish is to help it grow. Next is to find the next big thing so you can keep going.

Action Steps:

Steve’s tips for thriving in business and in life:

  1. Don’t let fear get in your way of living the life you want.
  2. Spend more time outside. Reconnecting and recovering in nature
  3. Tap into your senses by taking in the environment with your eyes closed.
  4. Create opportunities wherever you can.

Steve said:

“Be bold. Follow your dream. You will be okay—it’s in your DNA. Success is in your DNA.”

“When I first knew I could make fire just using stuff from the woods, using fire by friction, it’s blood sweat and tears, as you well know. But once you know you can source the stuff yourself and actually make a fire, that gives you confidence that “you know what, wherever you put me on the planet (unless that’s in the arctic), I’m gonna be okay.”

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