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Celebrating 10 Years In Business

As we celebrate a significant milestone –10 years in business – it’s a perfect moment to look back on how our team and business have evolved since our humble beginnings in 2012.

In the beginning

Initially, we embarked on our journey as a small group of personal trainers, armed with a holistic framework we call the Six Signals. Our aim was simple: to enhance our clients’ health and fitness comprehensively. However, as time passed, we recognised that physical fitness, while vitally important, was only one small part of people’s overall well-being. We wanted to go deeper so, we began our first pivot towards becoming a coaching company.

Fitness was still a key part, but we also embraced cutting-edge science, including saliva, gut, and DNA testing, alongside wearable technology, we delved deeper into personalised actionable health insights for our clients. This is known as bio-hacking.

But it wasn’t until a conversation with an old boss of mine that encouraged me to think bigger and consider how we could spread an important message at scale. 

A pivotal move into keynote speaking

In this pivotal moment, we started our next big step into professional speaking, with keynote speaking and leadership masterclasses becoming our flagship offering. Over the years, we’ve won multiple awards, including the prestigious Speaker of the Year award, and Highly Commended in three categories at the London Speaker Awards. Published three books, Rise & Shine, Remove The Guesswork and the latest, Cadence, secured runner-up at the Business Book Awards.

Our clientele boasts industry giants like Britvic, General Mills, JP Morgan, Amazon, Siemens, England Netball, BUNZL and many more.

Getting to 10 years in business

As we reach 10 years in business, it’s a truly amazing feeling. Data shows a huge 65% of businesses fail to meet 10 years in business, we are fiercely proud of reaching this big milestone and to be thriving.

We’ve had a few tricky moments, but we attribute our success to our resilience, adaptability and creativity as a team. Marking our ten-year anniversary in business is one of our proudest moments.

We’re celebrating this milestone with the team, involving an adrenaline-fueled adventure followed by a team lunch at a posh restaurant.

Personally, I will be taking a leisurely dog walk with my partner in both business and life, Antonia, reflecting on the last decade with gratitude and appreciation.

Our vision for the future

Looking ahead, our vision is clear: to amplify our impact through larger speaking engagements and events. I’ve spoken to audiences of up to 3,500 virtually, and 500+ in person, and we’d like to do more of those types of events because it increases our impact. Antonia’s focus on personal training for women navigating perimenopause, or those with a focus on their healthspan which is aligned with our message of promoting good health for as long as possible. Moreover, we’re looking to increase what we already do with charities, with 5% of profits donated to three charities, plus we plan to do more through our own charity, The Kalm Foundation.

As we celebrate the past 10 years in business, we also embrace the promise of the future, our aim remains unwavering: to continue evolving, innovating, and inspiring positive change, one keynote at a time.

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