top five blogs of 2023

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2023

From baby steps to big adventures, here’s a roundup of our five top blogs of 2023 – according to you!

1. Baby Steps: Getting Started with the Cadence Approach™ 

baby footprint in the sand representing baby steps towards the cadence approach

It’s easy to overestimate what you can achieve in a short period of time, and underestimate what you can achieve in the long term. Not to mention our ability to over-complicate matters. Which is where baby steps come in: ever-so-slight, yet progressive movements towards a goal. In this blog post, we introduce the Cadence Approach™, and discuss how making small improvements can help you to manage energy and become a more happy, healthy and resilient human being.

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2. What to Do If Every Day Feels Like A Big Event

wellbeing non-negotiables - what to do if everyday feels like a big even. Woman in a suit walking an illustrative tightrope with wellbeing icons such as family and education on it.

The Cadence Approach is a simple, four-step process for managing energy: predict the big events coming up in your professional and personal life; prepare by making small improvements in necessary areas; perform, respecting your red flags; recover with periods of rest throughout the day. But what do you do if every day feels like a big event? One strategy is to have a few wellbeing non-negotiables…

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3. Improve Your Wellbeing with Slivers of Recovery

hand knitting, meditative activity for slivers of recovery

If you’ve read my book Cadence, checked out my blog, or listened to any of my podcasts, you’ll know it’s the small stuff that matters. Like the periods of rest you create throughout the day. I call these ‘Slivers of Recovery’, mere minutes that work wonders mood and energy to improve your wellbeing. They can take you from stressed-out and overwhelmed to happy, healthy, resilient, and fighting fit for the rigours of business life.

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4. My Origin Story & Creating the Cadence Approach

Leanne on one knee doing tiger pose whilst delivering a wellbeing keynote sharing the cadence approach to a room full of people

In my bestselling book, Cadence, I share my ‘origin story’. Here’s a snippet about how I got into wellbeing and then went on to create the Cadence Approach – from the depths of a soul-draining corporate life to the pivotal moment in March 2012, when a shattered sales deal became the catalyst for change.

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5. Cycling Through Deep Snow: A Metaphor For Dealing With Overwhelm

What’s me doing the Arctic Circle Race got to do with you? Every time I do one of these adventures, I learn things about myself. And, if you’ve ever attended one of my keynotes, you’ll know I take these lessons and apply them to everyday challenges. So, whether it’s an endurance race or working through a busy period in the office, this experience provides a powerful metaphor for dealing with overwhelm.

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So, there you have it – our five top blogs of 2023. Thanks for tuning in, there’s plenty more where that came from for 2024.

Is there a blog post you particularly enjoyed that isn’t on this list? We’d love to know how it helped you! Feel free to get in touch on Insta or LinkedIn

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