ESG and events - green cup: compostable plastic cup made with plants not oil

Where does ESG sit within the events world? 

My expertise is in personal sustainability. It’s about managing energy and maintaining good wellbeing within a high-performance environment or culture. This is very important, not least because if we don’t have measures in place to look after our own wellbeing, it’s hard to focus on broader issues such as ESG issues and a business’s impact on society, the environment, and how transparent and accountable it is. 

I believe the events industry needs to play its part in ESG issues, and as always I believe it starts with me. So here’s what I’ll be doing to reduce my carbon footprint and support positive practices. Feel free to adopt these yourself if you aren’t already, and I’d love to hear what other speakers and event professionals are doing in this space too. 

I pledge to:

  • Consider the environmental cost of any transport and accommodation requests and reduce accordingly, avoiding high impact choices such as large trailers, private air travel, or fossil-fuel powered road vehicles
  • Take trains, not planes in the UK and Europe where practicably possible. Where a feasible route is not available, or there are time restrictions, access needs or security constraints, alternatives will be considered, keeping emission reduction in mind
  • Where flying is unavoidable, consider other ways to reduce emissions. (e.g. flying economy class on shorter routes, or lower emission airlines)
  • Consider the carbon/environmental cost of food by choosing plant-based options.
  • When practical, enjoy non-exclusive dressing room use and travel from/to the event venue from the hotel to reduce energy use
  • Bring my own reusable products to the venue, for example a reusable water bottle
  • Consider the carbon impact of all requests made and reduce this impact wherever possible.
  • Hold myself to the same high sustainability standards expected of the event
  • Use my voice offstage (on social media and in interviews) to highlight the sustainable production process and its importance
  • Engage other Speakers on the topic of sustainability
  • Ensure none of these sustainability principles add to or exacerbate existing hierarchies of racism, ableism or sexism at the event
  • Consider the biodiversity impacts of any additional requests and calibrate them to minimise impact
  • Commit to leaving no natural environment in a worse state than before the event
  • Commit to using products that are non-toxic to wildlife in any event set production
  • Consider the potential to include the value of biodiversity in the editorial of the content

What does your ESG framework look like? Get in touch, or message me on Facebook, Insta, or LinkedIn.

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