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Cadence: A New Approach To Your Sales Kickoff

How does a salesperson maintain consistently high levels of performance (defined not just by revenue but also in terms of energy, mood and motivation)? The answer could lie in your next sales kickoff event…

My entire career has been in sales. I started out selling PC to Unix integration software in 1998. Then, I moved into Citrix and CRM software sales before finishing up at a few market data companies. Even now, as a business owner, sales is still a big part of my role. My primary focus as a professional speaker, however, is helping companies to get the most out of their people.

Sales is an interesting career choice. There are good salaries and big bonuses to be had if you’re in the right industry with the right product behind you. But it also brings its challenges. I think one of the biggest is maintaining high performance levels throughout the year.

Maintaining High Performance

I believe that demanding a consistently high performance of yourself or your team isn’t the way to top level sales results. I think we can be cleverer than that. You could say that the business of sales is an endurance sport with occasional sprints. Or perhaps it’s an endurance sport with frequent sprints – or perhaps every day feels as though it requires maximum energy. Either way, maintaining very high levels of performance all day every day simply isn’t sustainable in the medium to long term. Your sales kickoff sets the tone for the year to come. What if your teams were shown another way of managing energy, a new approach, that prioritises what we call slivers of recovery and deliberate rest to ensure they can maintain a sense of wellbeing whilst delivering on targets?

The Cadence Approach

We call this the Cadence Approach. It’s a simple four-step approach to managing energy that means you can perform when you need to, manage energy, mood and motivation and avoid chronic stress and burnout.

  • The first phase is predict; anticipate the big events coming up in business (and perhaps your personal life too).
  • The second phase is prepare; what small changes could you do as a business and as an individual that have a big impact on your performance, especially over time?
  • The third phase is perform; but, respect the red flags the body sends that indicate you’re going too fast. The body does send these signals but we’ve become good at ignoring them – this is short-sighted!
  • The final phase is recover; by prioritising what we call slivers of recovery, you allow the nervous system to recover and that is the key to consistent performance levels.

Slivers of recovery might include daydreaming for a minute in-between calls. It could be going out for a brisk, ten-minute walk or getting some natural light. Or perhaps even chatting to a colleague or doing a movement snack.

Beat Burnout and Hit Targets

By adopting the principles of Cadence you empower your team to beat burnout and have more fun in life and work. And, perhaps most importantly, to hit your targets. Someone asked me recently how slivers of recovery fit into a high performance culture. My reply was slivers of recovery are an integral part of a high performance culture. If driving people to their maximum was a marker of success it would be easy to achieve. It’s all about helping your teams understand when to push and when to pull back. In other words, introducing cadence to the way you run the team is the secret to success. And there’s no better time to do it than at your sales kickoff.

I had the pleasure of having Leanne as the keynote speaker at our recent Sales Kick-Off, and we were truly impressed with their exceptional ability to captivate and inspire our team. Leanne brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the stage, making a significant impact on our event.

Leanne’s insights not only had a huge impact but also delivered a perfect blend of passion and professionalism. Their presentation style is engaging and demonstrates a unique talent for breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable and actionable steps.

What stood out most was Leanne’s ability to connect with our team on a personal level. Their genuine enthusiasm and approachability created an atmosphere of collaboration and learning. Leanne’s keynote address was undoubtedly a highlight of our SKO, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

I highly recommend Leanne as a keynote speaker for any event. Their expertise, charisma, and ability to deliver impactful messages make them an invaluable asset to any audience. 

~ Anca Cupsa – Product Marketing Manager Iptor

How Can Cadence Help You?

We’ve introduced this concept to companies such as Belron International, Amazon, BUNZL, Ikea, England Netball, Morgan Sindall, CMC Markets, IHG, Iptor and many more. If you’re interested in exploring how cadence can help your sales teams hit new heights, get in touch or book a free no-obligation discovery call.

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