Webinar | Wednesday 19th June 2024, 1.00pm

The Evolution of Wellbeing within High-Performing Workplaces

Wellbeing is a competitive advantage: The evolution of wellbeing within high-performing workplaces

Join us for our latest webinar ‘The Evolution of Wellbeing within high-performing workplaces.’ Wellbeing has gone from being a nice-to-have or something only large Silicon Valley companies offer to an integral part of a high-performance culture. COVID saw a shift in the availability of wellbeing resources, and the necessity of investing in teams meant that decisions on wellbeing spend were made at C level not tucked away under Occupational Health. Things have changed a lot in the last few years, but where is the future of wellbeing within the workplace?

Our understanding of what contributes to a robust wellbeing strategy has evolved from fruit bowls and monthly massages to a layered offering including financial and mental health, among other things. In this webinar, Leanne will discuss how wellbeing has evolved, and what leading companies are now doing to invest in the long-term health of their teams.

The webinar will give you a sneak peek into what’s coming next for wellbeing and why it should be a priority for any company that promotes itself as a high-performance culture.

Expected discussion points:

  • Why wellbeing and high-performance are mutually inclusive
  • How community will become the next frontier of wellbeing
  • Why we will have to prioritise personal sustainability – the missing P in ESG

Our new 30-minute format webinar includes Q&A, and a professionally sketched infographic of the key points as a takeaway for all those who attend live. Grab a coffee and join us for some great content, and new ideas, in a new format!

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Who is it for

HR Directors, HR Managers, Heads of People, Wellbeing Managers, Event Managers, Event Directors


Wednesday 19th June, 1.00pm 

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