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Do you feel that your work/life balance is making you ill? Are you already off work or on long-term sick leave with stress-related problems or anxiety or depression? Perhaps you’re already suffering from burnout? If these words resonate with you, then you need to put the brakes on now and take action.

Professional burnout is now a major problem in the City and the corporate world.

According to the Health & Safety Executive Report (UK), in the 12 months from 2013 to 2014 there were 487,000 cases of work-related stress, anxiety and depression. During the same period the total cost to the economy in terms of lost productivity was estimated at £11.3m. In 2014 alone, 244,000 new cases of work-related stress were reported.

It’s not just about lost productivity; if people are out of work then they often need to be financially supported and the oversubscribed resources of the NHS bear the strain of the costs of medication and counselling. Perhaps more crucially, lost or wasted talent constitutes a huge and immoral human cost.


The Amazon Bestseller

In Rise and Shine: Recover from burnout and get back to your best, Leanne reveals the formula she uses to help her clients recover from professional burnout, and go on to lead successful lives and careers. She also talks about how to recognise the warning signals that indicate you could be heading for burnout. The book includes case studies, anecdotes, quotations and tips and is designed to be easy to read and interpret into actionable items. Read this book and you will be able to:

  • Recognise the burnout warning signs and causes so you can regain control
  • Gain inspiration from real stories of people who have bounced back from burnout
  • Apply tried and tested techniques designed to help you make a full recovery
  • Adopt a balanced lifestyle and stay healthy and happy for the future
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Must-read if you suspect you are burning out

This book is a must-read for any man or woman in a high-pressure environment, at any level. Whether you’re just starting to see the tell-tale signs of burnout, or are already suffering its crippling effects, this book will help you to get clarity about where you currently are in life, and give you the opportunity to benefit from Leanne’s proven framework for a successful recovery. The underlying message carried throughout the book is that everyone has the ability to change their lives if they have a strong desire and belief that they can.


‘Leanne’s style and approach has crafted an inspirational guide that clearly signposts the journey back to energy and vitality! The book should be in every executive’s toolkit from the get go’

‘The author writes from direct personal experience and draws upon plenty of scientific evidence to support her compelling programme to overcome this malady of our time.’

‘This book is a brilliant and readable practical guide to get you to the place you should always have been and probably save all your personal relationships as well. Highly recommended’

‘I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It had personally helped me to recognise those feelings and symptoms that I’ve been denting for so long, to the detriment of my family, relationships and wellbeing’

‘A good mixture of real life case studies including an inspiring account of the authors own journey is backed up by scientific studies and evidence’

‘A must read for those suffering from professional burnout. This book offers a practical and encouraging approach to a return to good health from someone who has turned her own life around’




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