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J. Caldwell
Partner Big 4 Accountancy Firm

‘The benefits that I have felt so far have been numerous – in particular I find I am sleeping really well after years of insomnia and I wake up feeling alert and energetic. I also find that I am wanting to eat much more healthily and have made tweaks to my diet recommended by my nutritional therapist. My improved fitness has made me a lot more enthusiastic and upbeat about life in general.’

Mike S
CIO US Investment Bank

‘I’ve found that the combination of 1-1 fitness coaching and yoga have really helped me in relation to my anxiety and general wellbeing, which I’ve experienced since suffering from burnout. Generally, I feel calmer and better able to face the challenges related to my work. I still have a long way to go with it, but it’s definitely put me on the right track.’

G. Parsons
Consultant, Oil Industry

‘I was having problems with my sleep, which was driven by anxiety and the pressure of work. As I felt more exhausted, things slipped further from my control. I signed up for the Health MOT service, to find out what was wrong with my digestion and how I could improve my sleep. The OURAring made me realise just how little deep sleep I got, and I’ve been able to make lifestyle changes to improve my sleep, including changing my way I eat. It’s been a life-saver.’

L. Smallman
Lawyer, Magic Circle Law Firm

‘The thing that has helped the most with my recovery has definitely been exercise and yoga – which I find to be very relaxing and calming. Learning to breathe deeply and having some space each week where I forget about my worries has been really helpful in combatting anxiety. I’ve also noticed that my sleeping has improved and I always have a really good night’s sleep after my sessions, which makes a great difference to my mood the next morning. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who has trouble switching off from everyday stresses and anxieties or has burned out.’

A. Tyler Bryant
Entrepreneur, Interior Design

‘Fitness is already a big part of my life, but I wanted help with my diet and what to do when travelling. I’ve gained a lot of weight in the last few years from bad habits and restaurant food, so when Leanne suggested coaching as a way of having guidance and accountability, I knew this was the right thing for me. The coaching calls have helped me to reintroduce structure to my eating habits. I’ve lost weight and I’m much happier about life now.’



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