travel hacks take the scenic route. Tortoise walking along a path

Travel Hacks Part 2 – Taking the Scenic Route

This is the second of June’s SNAP series which is all about travel hacks, and this time I’m talking about why it’s good to sometimes slow down and consider taking the scenic route. This follows on from last week’s tip about how I get nutrition on the go. Take the slow train So, you may

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Travel Hacks nutrition on the go Leanne Spencer on a train

Travel Hacks Part 1 – Nutrition on the Go

I’m starting June’s SNAP series which is all about travel hacks, with my tip for nutrition on the go. This is the first of four SNAPS I’ll be sharing this month on this topic of travel hacks. As a reminder, a SNAP is ‘short novel and practical’ tips and advice on a particular topic.) Getting

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The Energy Exchange in. people for personal sustainability - two women together looking happy and laughing exchanging energy

The Energy Exchange and Personal Sustainability

This week’s SNAP is all about energy, and the idea of an energy exchange. Why? Well, energy is one of the most essential resources for our own sustainability. This is the last topic in our series of articles about the idea of personal sustainability. I’ve discussed the other aspects of personal sustainability in previous posts,

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Wilson from Cast Away - community for personal sustainability

Why community is important for personal sustainability

You might be wondering why the image for this week’s blog is Wilson from the beloved Hollywood movie Cast Away. For anyone who doesn’t know, Wilson is an imaginary companion created by the shipwrecked Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks. But he didn’t just didn’t just talk to this friendly-faced football. Throughout the film, Wilson

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The value of Integrity and Personal Sustainability: Picture of Embankment in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

The Value of Integrity and Personal Sustainability

Sustainability and the value of integrity is the topic I’ll be discussing this week. This is something I’ve personally reflected on a lot recently in terms of honesty, personal boundaries and with regard to other resources such as time and money. How much is enough?

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personal sustainability: person writing "Who am I?" in fogged mirror

Personal Sustainability: what’s your identity?

I’ve been working on new content based on the idea of personal sustainability. Sustainability in terms of our own energy but also our own contribution to the sustainability of the planet. Our personal resources are finite in the same way the planet’s resources are finite. We need to think hard about where we expend energy

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The Cadence Wellbeing Scorecard

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